Artist’s Statement: Since I was young I was always creative and dreamt of becoming an artist. So when I left school I already had a clear idea of which direction I would be going. I first did an art foundation course before studying fine art intermedia at Kingston University and graduated with a 2:1 degree. With perseverance I was successful in finding work in the very competitive TV and film industry making props and models for special effects companies in London. I still had a desire, however to create my own sculptures. I had an interest in metal work so I enrolled onto a welding course at The College of North West London where I gained certificates in Introductory welding and engineering. Here I began to make my first metal sculptures. To further my skills as a sculptress I was lucky to gain a place to study sculpture at The Art Academy in London. Here I learnt to sculpt in clay, mainly figurative sculpting. This proved to be an important skill for the basis of my metal sculpting, since I always start a sculpture in clay in order to know which shapes to cut and how to form the metal pieces which build up a sculpture. I later became Artist in residence at The Art Academy teaching metal work to students as well as having the opportunity to work on my own sculptures in my own time. After leaving The Art Academy I was taken on as an Artist in residence at The Metal Gallery in Mayfair, London where my work, mainly consisting of life sized horse heads in either steel or copper were exhibited and sold in various exhibitions such as “The Grovesnor House Art and antiques fair”  in Park Lane, London. It was a great privilege to have my work shown here alongside great masters such as Henry Moore, Edgar Degas and Barbara Hepworth. My work was also taken by The Metal gallery to America to be displayed at exhibitions such as “Art and Design” in Park Avenue and “Palm Beach!” in Florida. I continued also to work in the television industry where I was often chosen to make creative metal props and models. One example is an animated bull consisting of tiny soldered metal parts, blown up to life size. It featured in the film, “Bunny and the Bull”. horse

Above: An animated bull made for the film, „Bunny and the Bull“

In 2009 I decided to leave London to come and live in Germany with my Partner. I continue to exhibit my work in Germany and occasionally also in England.