The making of a sculpture

1. First the form is sculpted in a clay.

DSCN1131     DSCN1142

2. A mould is then made from the clay sculpture.

DSCN1144     DSCN1145     DSCN1146     DSCN1147     DSCN1151

3. The mould is then cast in fiber glass in order to have a reusable form for shaping the metal.

DSCN1150     DSCN1153     DSCN1154     DSCN1156

4. The mould is broken apart to reveal the new cast.


5. The cast is used as a guide to form the shapes for the metal. The shapes are then assembled together for the finished piece.

DSCN1196     DSCN1197     DSCN1198     DSCN1221