My Sculptures


Animals are the main theme for my sculptures, mainly the horse which I admire for it’s grace and beauty. I concentrate mostly on full size animal heads. I like the confrontation of full scale, like being face to face with an animal. I have also made a couple of figurative pieces, one a full size „Lady of The Lake“ and „Warrior Woman“. Plant forms are also a feature of my sculptures, some interpreted as a part of the animal sculptures, with leaves and berries forming the sculpture.

All my sculptures are beaten by hand from sheet copper or steel. Each piece is unique in that it is not reproduced by casting from a mould, but each sculpture is individually produced from scratch starting with a clay or fiber glass form. The form is then used as a  guide to shape each individual piece of metal, then joined together by brazing (for copper) or gas welding (for steel).

Sometimes I like to finish the surface of the sculpture with a contrast of a high polish (showing the origional colour of copper), and the duller brownish colour of the copper after heating. An example of this is in „The Fortitude“; with the contrast of the bull’s horns and the bull’s head.

I always finish the overall surface of my copper sculptures with a metal wax polish  which brings out the beautiful colours of the metal. My steel sculptures are normally finished with a lacker to protect them.